Kitchens, The New Living Room.

by Design by Todd on July 12, 2012

With today’s technology, more than ever family and friends love to congregate in the most used room in the house, the kitchen. Kitchens today can look like a living room, because that’s what they have evolved to.  Appliance integration adds greatly to the look and feel of a living space. Kitchens can be completely integrated to where it may be hard to find the actual appliances because they are so well hidden and blended into the actual cabinetry of the kitchen.

Here are examples of traditional kitchens that have been redesigned including integrated appliances.

Can you tell where this refrigerator is hidden?



These are examples of integrated kitchens we’ve designed.



In the past, the living room was “the heart” of the home.  The living room served as the center of the home where family could gather either around the fireplace or the center of the room. Over the years, the kitchen has become more of the center or “heart” of the home.  We see this change not only through time, but in our southern culture as well. Much of our culture revolves around food. We nourish our souls and bodies through food.  This food and nourishment begins in the kitchen.  In southern cultures, we gather around the kitchen while food is being prepared and in many situations, linger long after the food has been consumed and dishes have been cleaned.  This very idea has been often reflected in floor plans and furniture layouts throughout the home.

In many homes, if space permits, living spaces have been added either within or right beside the kitchen to allow friends and family to be closely located to the kitchen.  In our experiences, we have completed remodels and redesigned spaces to allow for this changing ideal.  Open floor plans, between these two important spaces, will allow for these two rooms to become one in harmony, while still remaining separate.

This is an example of a space where we added additional seating to and existing kitchen. Before the renovation of this space, there was a wall that separated the windows on the far end of this room and the island in the center of the space. An additional island was built as well as opening up the room to allow for more seating.

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